Monday, April 9, 2012


I'm cleaning out my magazine library and have a new issue of Prims magazine (Winter 2012 issue) for sale ($13 plus shipping) if anyone is interested. UPDATE: THE ISSUE HAS BEEN SOLD! THANK YOU!

This is the same issue that my papier mache doll, Minerva, was featured in earlier this year. As some of you know, I am a dollmaker, and Minerva is one of my creations. I handsculpted and handpainted her face, arms, and legs and made her dress with 1800s reproduction fabrics and vintage lace. I created her auburn tresses with wool.

Prims is produced by the same company that publishes Where Women Create and so many other beautiful magazines. If you're trying to get organized like me this season, you might want to check out their upcoming book, Where Women Create Book of Organization: The Art of Creating Order. It is filled with inspiring photos of artists' studios, plus tips and tricks for conquering the clutter in your life. One of the things I love most about their creative spaces is how they transform vintage finds into storage solutions. So creative!


  1. Minerva is just wonderful. I had a Great-Aunt Minerva.....we called her Petie...LOLLL. Have no clue why.

  2. Kimber,
    Thanks for the heads-up on the organizing issue. Where Women Create is such a lovely mag. Let us know how your organizing goes. We always getting craft organizing tips!


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