Sunday, April 29, 2012


Friday morning, I headed out on my latest junking journey—the annual Junk Jubilee show, eager to see some good junk. As they say, one woman's junk is another's treasure! I've been going to junk shows in the Midwest area for about three years now and enjoy seeing things I don't normally get to see. I spotted several nice vintage dressforms, though all were out of my price range at more than $300. Good thing that my hubby gave me one for Valentine's Day, so my search for one is now officially over. The one I received is very similar to this one, although mine is a vintage Bauman.

There was lots to love for those with a fondnees for chippy paint and weathered patinas...

I am crazy about vintage garden art and architectural pieces like these. They were selling like hotcakes.

The spirit of gardeners' past was alive and well in this booth, brimming with vintage outdoor tools.

One of the things I love most about these junk shows is that everything is so creatively displayed. I was delighted to see one of my favorite Iowa shops (Willows) there. This shop has a knack for artful vignettes like this.

With everyone in a springy mood, this alluring booth was attracting a lot of attention.

The myrtle topiaries were a wonderful touch. Nothing like live greenery to liven up a booth!

Always on the hunt for a vintage sewing machine, I spotted several here, although none came home with me. This White Rotary machine reminded me of some of mine.

And this Free Westinghouse sewing machine was wonderfully displayed among vintage trims and pincushions.

If I didn't have some of these big old wooden spools already, I might have been tempted by these.

And who can resist vintage buttons? One of the vendors had a large 6x4-foot garden cart filled with a layer of them! This is just a small sampling of what was there!

Don't these buttons look lovely displayed in vintage silver serving pieces? I enjoyed the displays as much as the items themselves.

Seeing an old doll bed always brings a smile to this collector's face! I was intrigued by this little bed's long proportions.

Having loved old houses all my life and being the current steward of an 1885 Victorian Italianate, I can't resist salvaged treasures from antique abodes. These vintage tin ceiling flowers can spark all sorts of creative possibilities.

I enjoyed digging through this box of old house wooden remnants—ornamental features from antique furnishings and architectural elements. Call me sentimental but when I buy one of these pieces, I like to think that I'm carrying on the legacy of the old homes they once adorned. I especially loved that little wooden column capital. Perhaps it was from some old built-in buffet? If only these pieces could talk!

I thought this tissue paper wreath was pretty. It looked like the kind of paper used to make sewing patterns.

I'm always on the lookout for vintage jewelry that I can repurpose into embellishments for sewing and paper projects.

I am a sucker for vintage frames and was very tempted by some of these but I already have a box full of them sitting in my attic. Perhaps another time!

And last but not least, I was tickled to spot this assortment of vintage oil cans—another favorite collectible. I display my collection in a vintage English scale case. They create a lovely still life when paired with vintage glass bottles.

And here are my finds of the day—that wonderful little wooden column capital pictured in one of the previous photos—I plan to use it as a mini african violet stand ($5), Victorian sewing advertisements ($6), a bag of vintage lace for my dollmaking ($3), a pincushion made with an old quilt remnant ($12), a spool tree ($1), and a vintage chick feeder ($4). The chick feeder is super tiny. I thought it was a reproduction but my husband, who grew up on a farm, says it's real. Seems like it would be too small for even chicks to use!

I took many more photos than these but don't want to inundate you with them. Hopefully, these have sparked some inspiration on how you can transform something old into something new. Hope you enjoyed the impromptu tour of my latest junking journey!


  1. What a fun trip that must have been. I love looking at and for stuff that I think I need. I like your purchases. Cute idea for the african violet stand!

  2. I liked seeing all your pictures. Feel free to post the rest of them. It looked like a great show.

  3. Kimber, I love your finds. I was going to go to this event but under the weather so stayed home. Can't wait to do some shopping in the future. Looks like you scored. Hugs Mary A.

  4. Oh my gosh.....I could have bought just about everything in every pic! Oy! What a great day of junking! I'm so envious....we don't have anything near me like this. I guess I need to take some vacations to the midwest! lol

  5. Thanks for taking me along Kimber I really enjoyed it and as I couldn't buy anything my hubby will be pleased too!

  6. I love all of your finds, but the pin cushions is my favorite. Looks like a wonderful day of junking - do they just have this once a year? I may have to try to check it out next time.

  7. I always enjoy seeing your finds. I have found one vintage oil can to add to my 'junk.'

  8. So you had a little "junk in your trunk" this weekend! :-) Good finds. Love the idea for the old column.

  9. You were very restrained! What will you be doing with the frames??

  10. What a wonderful show!! I would have spent a lot more than you did. Did you see that giant sunflower, I wonder how much they wanted for that treasure and be still my little heart, buttons, lots of wonderful little white buttons..........

  11. Wow, so many wonderful items at the show~ Wow!!
    dreaming & dreaming~
    thanks for sharing


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