Wednesday, March 28, 2012


For the past 10 years, I've presented a program on Hitty, a 19th-century wooden doll and the subject of a 1929 children's novel that won the Newbery Medal literary award, to local groups. I'm preparing for another program next week. I bring along my own Hitty doll made by Gail Wilson. Tuesday morning, I started working on a simple quilt kit (pictured below) that Gail sold for Hitty, who is just 6 inches tall. It's not yet done but Hitty wanted to hold on to it in the meantime! The chair that Hitty is sitting on and the little spool rack sitting at the base of the chair were also kits by Gail that I put together several years ago.

After working on Hitty's quilt yesterday morning, I headed over to meet my friends, Belinda and Merry, for lunch at our local Mimi's Cafe. I've had a rough few weeks and our lunch was just what I needed to lift my spirits. Good friends are the best medicine, after all! Belinda, a cross stitch designer (Blue Ribbon Designs), had recently been in Nashville for the annual needlework market and brought me back this darling pink owl figurine she named "Pinkie". What a hoot!

Belinda also made Merry and me these fun collapsible cocktail napkin holders stuffed with treats for Easter. She always wraps things so prettily in cellophane and brightly-colored tulle.

Take a close look at the fabric. She picked the purr-fect print for me, being the owner of two very spoiled kitties. I love the inner coordinating print she chose, too. This will look perfect in my pink and green dining room.

Merry brought me farm-fresh eggs from the food co-op, where she volunteers. It's such a treat to get these tasty eggs.

She also treated me to this breadboard, Japanese organic tea, and a jar of her homemade lemon-flavored salt. I hear the latter is great on grilled asparagus.

Before we knew it, our luncheon was over and it was time to head home. What a wonderful diversion with two of my favorite people. Now it's back to work on some quilt and kitchen articles! I wish you all a wonderful day!


  1. How blessed you are to have two such thoughtful and creative friends!

  2. Kimber,
    Where to begin on this posting! Love your Hitty and quilt. What a talent the world has in Gail Wilson. You did a great job on her kits. Your friends are good friends indeed and give lovely gifts. Lucky you. By the way, where did you come by the lovely egg holder? Glad you had such a nice luncheon.

  3. What a sweet quilt! It is just beautiful and the mention of Hitty brought back sweet memories for me. I'm glad the "friend therapy" worked. Whatever would we do without our peeps?!

  4. Hitty is a sweet little doll and I'm sure she has quite a story to tell. Such thoughtful friends you have.

  5. So glad you had a wonderful time with friends!

  6. Sweet friends! I hope your ok over there? Second time you have mention having a rough time, hopefully those little stones aren't making a comeback....

  7. Great treats! And your doll and her accessories are very cute!

  8. Love it all especially the doll quilt. Any ideals as to what to put on a quilt rack in a doll house. 1 inches equals i foot? Richard from my Old Historic House.


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