Tuesday, March 13, 2012


One of my favorite afternoon diversions is visiting my friend Mary's shop. She and I met in china painting class eight years ago. We are kindred spirits in our love of art, antiques, and preserving the past. Mary is a true artist with a talent for painting, stained glass, and much more. In 2006, she and her husband renovated a vintage brick building into a homey haven for art, antiques, and decorative accessories. Mary supports other local artists by selling their work, including these finely crafted lamps and the framed artwork.

The shop is filled with several lovely paintings, such as this fun button one (I forgot to see which artist painted this one). I am fortunate to own some of Mary's original paintings, including a lovely poppy portrait. She also paints wonderful pastoral scenes of sheep. Those who know me well know that I love sheep. Remember the photo of Yoda, the Lincoln sheep, that I took while at last year's Sheep and Wool festival? If you're interested, you can see him here.

Mary has a keen eye for antiques. Many of her display pieces are antiques with a weathered patina. She found this amazing old hutch in an old barn. I love its chippy finish. Now it holds Danish accents.

A local woman crafts these cute spring baskets filled with bunnies and little handpainted accents. They make wonderful gifts for Easter or anytime of year, really.

These artful letterpress cards come in all sorts of fun themes. Love that owl! Mary also sells owl pincushions and pillows.

This old hutch makes a charming stage for vintage blue and white china—always a classic color combo.

Mary also carries an enchanting array of April Cornell linens. I like to drape the dish towels over my farmhouse-style sink and change them out with the seasons.

Want something warm to slip your feet into during the winter months? These woolly slippers will certainly do the trick!

It's often hard to find truly unique baby gifts but Mary has a bunch of them—all handcrafted like these sweet knitted caps and hand-dyed shirts. She also has a great selection of baby blankets, bibs, and little hats made of handkerchiefs (I didn't get a photo of those because they were all sold out at the time). In addition to her many other talents, Mary smocks and made several little smocked dresses for summer. I wanted to get a photo of those but they were all gone.

Hopefully these photos tell the story of why this is one of my favorite places to go. There is always something new to see!


  1. It looks like a lovely store! Thanks for the vicarious shopping experience. :D

  2. Oh I’d love to have own a shop like your friend Mary owns. What a life!

  3. Only thing missing Kimber is the tea and cake!

    How much did you take home!?

  4. My, this sounds like a treasure trove of a store, with some unique things and everything so wonderfully displayed! (By the way, I'm behind on my commenting, but I did want to say I have thoroughly enjoyed your recent stories in Country Gardens and Victoria. I find myself looking for your byline now, so keep up the good work!)

  5. I would love to visit this shop sometime if I would happen to be in the area....but where might this shop be??? Always looking for something out of the ordinary...


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