Thursday, February 9, 2012


With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I decided to set out a few of my vintage Valentine pretties around the house. I collect vintage Valentine candy boxes, and this one is among my favorites. I use the term "vintage" loosely here because some are as recent as the 1980s. They just don't make them like they used to! I was looking at all the candy boxes at the grocery store the other day and they seemed so uninspired with their plain cardboard exteriors.

I just started working on another pincushion order and placed the finished ones in my box until they're ready to make their journey to their new home. Soon the box will be filled with them! Wouldn't you love to get a Valentine box filled with homemade pincushions?! To me, that would be better than chocolate!

No matter what time of year, I try to decorate my surroundings with things that speak to me. They're nothing fancy but they are beautiful to me. I once read in one of interior designer Alexandra Stoddard's books that everything in your home should be either beautiful or useful. I first encountered her writings while interning at Traditional Home magazine as a college student (she had written a column for the magazine). As a young newlywed just out of college, I started purchasing her design books to glean some inspiration for beautifying our humble one-bedroom apartment. This copy of Alexandra's Living a Beautiful Life has traveled with me ever since then. As you can see from the photo, it is rather dog-eared after frequent readings! 

I didn't have much of a decorating budget back then, but I found that even simple things like these vintage tins—garage sale finds—had the power to beautify a room. To this day, it's these inexpensive treasures that really take center stage in my home. I think it's their connection to the past that appeals to me. There's something comforting to me about a home furnished with well-loved finds from a simpler time.

Do any of you decorate with vintage Valentine candy boxes or decorate for Valentine's Day in general? If it's the latter, what kinds of items do you like to set out to celebrate this romantic holiday?  


  1. Kimber,
    A lovely blog post - love the candy box (and you are correct - they don't make 'em like that anymore). Your pincushions are wonderful and look great in the candy box. Your theory of decorating is a good one!

  2. I did a window display for my shop I had in St.Louis for Valentines day. I had a lot of those wonderful old heart shaped boxes. I st up a kinda French Parlor. Had those boxes open, all over the place. I got candy wrappers from the candy shop next door and crumbled them i the boxes, on the sofa and floor. I had a few pieces of candy with a bite out of them in some boxes. I had the worlds, be Mine! in red letters on the window. It got a lot of comments. I have always loved those heart shaped boxes. Always wanted a Valentine to give me one. So far, has never happened. happy Valentines Day! Richard from My Old Historic House.

  3. I've never decorated for anything but Christmas, but I always love to see or be in houses that are decked out for the other holidays....that's so fun to see! And I love that quote from her book, "Everything should be beautiful, or useful.".....that's wonderful! I am definitely going to start thinking of that when I'm making decisions on 'the stuff' around me! Some of it is going to have to go!!! lol

    And your fancy chocolate box made me think of the movies from the 40's and 50's that showed the gentleman wearing a pinstripe suit, complete with hat and shiny shoes, with the fancy candy box tucked under his arm, and a bouquet of flowers in hand.....dashing home to surprise his romantic! Didn't we all think when we were young, that it would be like that when we were older!?!

  4. I do decorate for Valentine's Day - I hang glass hearts on pink ribbons from the wooden beams on our library area on the upstairs landing!

  5. What a pretty candy are right they don't make them like they use to.
    The pincushions are adorable!
    I don't have many valentines decorations (at least not yet), but I do try and make some valentines bunting etc..using free printables. I love the old valentines cards from the 50's-60's.
    Wishing you a Happy Valentines day...

  6. I used to decorate for every holiday and season when my children were young. Don't seem to have the enthusiasm anymore. Perhaps if I had such lovely things, I would put them out too!

  7. Lovely boxes and pincushions Kimber. I love all the pinks. I especially treasure the pincushions that you have made. Have a great weekend. Mary A.

  8. I love your boxes and the pincushions are too sweet. I'm totally in love with that mint green one. OMG, I just love it!!!

  9. I decorate my whole house for every holiday with tins. For valentines day I also have a collection of valentine hankies that I put under the tins where possible and let them drape down. Very festive and pretty.


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