Friday, December 16, 2011


Remember all those jars of vintage pearl buttons that my parents-in-law gave me that were in an earlier post? I've been wanting to find a nice way to organize and display them and finally came up with a fun solution.

In a previous post from last year, I shared a vintage button sorting box that I found at an antiques fair. It was just a simple old compartmentalized wooden box. This is a picture of how I found it at the fair. You can read more about my antiquing adventure from that day here. I found a lot of old good things there!

Anyway, the box worked great for stashing all those wonderful vintage pearl buttons. It even has a drawer where I can stash yet more buttons. The ones in the drawer are vintage pearl buttons I've found over the years. I especially love the pink and green ones on the right!

My parents-in-laws are coming tomorrow for our family holiday gathering and I am excited to show them what I did with their buttons!

In between button sorting and preparing a quilt book and quilt magazine for the printer, I had an appointment yesterday and on the way home stopped by one of my favorite thrift shops. This is what I found. It is well used and not in exquisite shape like Tabitha the Treadle but it was also a fraction of the cost at just $10. So I brought my new old Singer home to Ashton House. According to the Singer sewing site, it dates to 1923. If anyone else knows anything about this model, I'd love to hear from you. This one is not in its original case. With pink and tan colors, the case looks like it came from the 1950s or 60s!

My hope is to eventually find a vintage sewing machine to display in every room in my house (except the bathrooms—I do actually have a treadle in my kitchen that I will have to share with you another time). I have a ways to go and it will likely take awhile as my budget for vintage portable machines is $30 or under. The treadles, of course, are more expensive, but I think I have all of those that I can accommodate! The temptation is to buy just one more and with a big old attic that can hold a lot of junk, I really have to exercise self control!


  1. What a PERFECT way to display your wonderful old buttons! And that machine is awesome - even if it's not perfect. I found out the date of manufacture for my Featherweight, and now I always buy it new fabric on its birthday! LOL

  2. Oooh - lucky you! You found a Singer Model 66 (well, I'm guessing it's a 66 since you have the bobbin area covered). Collectors call the decorations on this machine "Red Eye", as the designs on either side of the word "Singer" resemble eyes. You should be able to find plenty of info about the Model 66 online, it was a popular model and produced in large numbers.

  3. Great solution, a friend of mine makes braclets out of buttons. I can send picture if you are interested. RC and S

  4. Oh, that sewing machine is a wonderful treasure! I'm jealous, LOL. I remember my mom used to have a treadle machine when I was very young. No one knows what happened to it.

  5. I am not very envious of too many things, but I am envious of your wooden box.....a little tiny bit about all those buttons, but for sure about the box....LOVE IT!

  6. Hello and nice to meet you.
    What a lovely your home is a dream.
    The box of buttons is phenomenal,
    I love the old tapes, at home I have so many!
    Congratulations also to the Singer, I just
    one sold in 1913 was English.
    A hug and see you soon
    Susy x

  7. Wow - you got a heck of a deal on that machine! It is beautiful. Love your buttons and the box - what a perfect display.

  8. The decals on your Singer are wonderful! Your in-laws should be happy with how you've used the buttons...they look great!

  9. I love the way you are displyaing the buttons and the sewing machien is beautiful!!
    Merry Christmas!!


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