Wednesday, December 21, 2011


To say I'm behind on my holiday shopping and wrapping would be an understatement. A hefty list of work deadlines has left me little time to make much of a dent in them. Over lunch yesterday, I was able to catch up on some of my holiday to-dos. I've been printing out holiday images on my Cricut Imagine machine that I can craft into gift tags. The machine is a huge time-saver because it both prints and cuts out these nifty images...

This pretty blue and pink package is one of my favorite images. Makes me think of all the pleasant surprises I've been blessed with over the years.

This sweet stocking in my favorite shade of green is going on my mom's package. 

And who could resist a package adorned with this lovely paper ornament?

Things like this help get me in holiday spirit, and that's a good thing because I have a lot of wrapping to do the rest of this week! Late last night I finished wrapping a couple goodies. I found the cutest owl wrapping paper earlier this year.

After I wrapped the packages, I put them in these holiday bags and boxes. I hope they will bring as much joy to the recipients as they did to me, wrapping them. It's so fun to give, isn't it?!


  1. Your packages look beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas (and don't stress!)

  2. What pretty packages! Love the bags with houses on them.

  3. Your gift tags are so elegant! That must be an amazing machine. By the way, I made apple donuts yesterday and found the secret, don't tell anyone - buttermilk and nutmeg and lots of fresh apples! Merry Christmas to you both!

  4. Such cute tags,one of the things I love to do is wrap (and give)gifts. It always seems to put me in the mood for Christmas. I love that owl wrapping paper, some of my favorite colors. Merry Christmas!


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