Sunday, December 11, 2011


This seems to be the perfect night to catch up on my magazine and book reading. With a hectic weekend spent editing a magazine and writing articles, I need a little R&R tonight. Being a magazine editor and writer, I must confess I'm somewhat of a magazine junkie. I could spend a small fortune on magazines if I wasn't careful. I've tried to narrow down my subscriptions to only those magazines that I really love. I've been subscribing to Old House Interiors for years. I love the color of the blue wallpaper on the latest issue's cover.

Although I could never afford the beautiful furniture featured inside, I find decorating ideas here and there that I can inexpensively apply to my own decor. My favorite piece of furniture in this issue is the wonderful blue hutch with the vibrant red interior.

For years, I have enjoyed Victorian Homes. It's truly a feast for the eyes. This issue had a fun article on Christmas ornaments.

And of course, I subscribe to more quilt magazines than I care to admit! How can I resist when they feature beautiful antique-insipred quilts like these?

The books have also been piling up on my parlor table. Luckily, I'm just in time to read one that I had pre-ordered this summer. It includes some fun vintage-inspired crafts from the 1920s-60s. I wasn't even alive in the 60s but love the crafts of that era.

I love the vintage graphics inside!

I'm also enjoying this book on the gentle art of domesticity. Love the title. And how could a book with French-style macarons on the cover be bad? 

And I'm a big fan of any Tilda book. I have all of them and usually pre-order them from Amazon. I recently purchased some of companion Tilda fabrics so I can create a similar look to some of her projects.

So with all these good books and magazines piled on my parlor table, you might guess how I'll be spending the night. Yes, I'll be curled up with a good read and a little something sweet to drink. This mocha egg nog will do. It's the perfect blend of egg nog, chocolate, and coffee. Yum!


  1. I've never heard of Old House Interiors magazine. I think I need that! Our house was built in 1864, and I'm trying to restore rooms to a period look. That magazine will have a bunch of inspiration, I'm sure! Thanks!

  2. just wondering Kimber where you find the time go read all this, to sew and renovate those hutches, and buy stuff to fill them???

  3. Yum, the mocha eggnog has my mouth watering. Great magazines for inspiration for your lovely Victorian home. I am drawn to the vintage graphics. I have a few vintage postcards from my grandfather from around WWI.

  4. I hadn't told any one yet, but Old House Interiors is coming to, My Old Historic House, to do a photo shoot. I am so excited I almost wet myself. Happy Holidays, RC and Sissy

  5. What a great selection of magazines and books to read and look at. I love the vintage Christmas book..I just adore the Christmas illustrations of the 50's. That mocha eggnog looks really good..yummy!
    Happy reading! :)
    Your new follower Magie..

  6. Oh, I miss Anderson Erickson! That eggnog looks fantastic!


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