Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I have the best hubby (don't we all?!). He puts together the nicest gift packages for me every Christmas. The most touching thing about them is not the gifts themselves but the thought and care he puts into each one. He makes it a point to remember things that I like when we're out shopping and visiting antique malls throughout the year. I was so impressed with his wrapping and embellishing skills. The photo doesn't show it well but he even picked out some neat pink and brown ribbon and made a bow with it for one of the gifts!

Here are the goodies unwrapped. It was hard resisting the temptation to peek at the little quilt in my favorite shade of pink but it was worth the wait. I also got a drawer to store my Keurig machine's K-cups, a cute owl soap dispenser, a Williams-Sonoma cakelet pan, and two vintage glass leaf dishes in a soft shade of shell pink.

I think pearl buttons would look lovely displayed on these vintage glass leaf plates. The photos don't show their true pale pink color.

This quirky felted frog was the only item I put on my wish list this year. I think he's adorable!

I also got a kit to make this sweet little felted owl by the same artisan who makes the frog!

I adore this cozy scented heating pad filled with cassia seeds. It's so pretty in pink and blue.

My husband knows I love 19th-century books, especially ones with pretty illustrations, as I always stop and ooh and aah over them when I see them in antiques shops. I was so touched that he was observant enough to find this beautiful bound edition of St. Nicholas magazines from 1888. I can't wait to explore this wonderful treasure.

Even the inside covers, covered in beautiful illustrations from yesteryear, are exquisite. 

And last but not least was this mini pie maker. In an earlier post, I spotlighted my cake pops and pie pops makers. Guess my husband thought they were the launching pad for other good gift ideas like this one! Thank you for making this another extra special Christmas, my dear hubby!


  1. What an awesome hubby! I have to be very specific about what I want, or I won't get anything. How fun to have an observant hubby choosing such awesome gifts.

  2. Lovely gifts! You are going to have sooo much fun with that pie maker. I had to pack my donut maker away until next Christmas, just a little to yummy for us!!
    Happy New Year!

    1. I too am planning to try out one of the pie makers soon!

  3. What beautiful gifts. Your husband has certainly spoilt you.

  4. He is so sweet! Love that he takes all that time and effort for you!

  5. You are a lucky girl!!! Your hubby should write a book on "The art of giving...by a husband".....a bestseller for sure. EVERY Christmas, my hubby has given me the same perfume...... EVERY year, NOT complaining, just stating the facts.

  6. Oooh, I got a mini pie maker too!

  7. Great gifts, all, and such wonderful presentation. I can't wait until you blog about the goodies you make with those pans!

  8. Hmm, maybe your husband should make tv programmes for men on how to wrap gifts. I had 3 gifts, 2 were beautifully wrapped by the store and the 3rd left to his own devices was stapled together because he couldn't find cellotape?!!! Still, he tried. Bless. What lovely gifts you received.

  9. I would like to get a mini pie maker :)

  10. He outdid himself this year! Such a thoughtful man.

  11. oh Kimber, what a thoughtful and fun hubby you have. I think he is a rare one, as most don't (or can't) pay attention to the things we say we like long enough to remember 5 minutes later, let alone be able to go back and purchase them or have the sense to spot something we may appreciate, AND be able to wrap them all up into such a lovely presentation! Bravo Bravo Bravo to your husband!

  12. I loved everything you got. What a hubby you have! That owl is so cute and the frog just made me laugh when I saw it. Can you tell us who makes the kit for the owl?

  13. Oh Kimber you are lucky! I have to tell mine what I want or buy it for him to give to me!

  14. OMG, I wish I could put your super cute felted frog in my wish list... it's so tender and funny!
    Thank you Kimber for sharing with us!
    Sara in northern Italy


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