Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It's been a very quilty kind of day here—not making quilts but editing a quilt book and a quilt magazine. Over the lunch break, I managed to carve out a little creative time to make some more button-embellished ornaments for my feather tree. Check out my previous post to see some other ornaments I made. A day spent with wool is always a treat for a wool-lover like me! I took advantage of my wool stash to make these fuzzy flower ornaments.

I used the i-top button/brad maker to make my wool-covered buttons. It works beautifully with the wool. To find out how you can win one of these nifty tools, check out my previous post. This ornament is made with a beautiful shade of midnight blue wool and a bright pink wool-covered button! I must warn you that making these little embellishments could be addictive!


  1. Thats so not right! I was wondering if that would work with wool and it is so CUTE! If you saw the project I am working on, you will see that I need to win!!
    P.S. I love that ornament that is in the picture, very sweet, looks like a wood carving....

  2. I love them and love the feather tree. I have several I use at the shop and, My Old Historic House. Richard

  3. Methinks I need to find a supplier over here in the UK!

  4. Very nice ornaments! Great way to spend your break.

  5. Love the wool ornaments! Makes me want to go craft something!


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