Friday, November 11, 2011


As we remember our military veterans today, I wanted to take a moment to recognize the namesake behind my blog and home—Thomas Ashton. We know very little about him but we do know that he enlisted in Iowa's 39th infantry in 1862 and fought in the Civil War. He also served as postmaster of his regiment. He was taken prisoner at the battle of Parker's Cross Roads and eventually paroled. After that, he returned to our small Iowa community, where he started a livery business and farmed on 136 acres of land. He is buried in our local cemetery alongside his infant daughter. Much like the simple home he built, his gravestone is humble and unassuming (we had a hard time even finding it!).

Someday, I plan to research Thomas Ashton, his wife, and children. So far, the trail ends in Modesto, California. Based on the information I do have, I just have a feeling there's an interesting story—and probably some eccentricities—behind this family.