Monday, November 7, 2011


I didn't greet this Monday very fondly with its gray skies. But a good mail day can brighten the dreariest of days—especially when fabric is involved. And that's just what arrived today. I can't resist much of anything to do with owls, and this one was especially eye-catching to me with its pink and blue color palette. I'm not usually crazy about the color yellow but it sure brightens this print.

I loved this print so much that I also bought it in the blue colorway...

And the pink/red/orange...

As a cat lover, I'm always looking for fun kitty-themed prints that aren't too cutesy. This one caught my eye and I knew it would be perfect for a pocketbook project that I am working on. 

I couldn't resist this trio of felines either. Love that little black guy, who reminds me of my cat Teddy with his wide eyes.

I fell in love with the colors in this new fabric line. After all, you can't go too wrong with a pink and brown color palette in my book.

Last month, I talked about how gray fabrics have grown on me in this post, and sure enough, I added this gray piece to my fabric collection (or should I say hoard?).

And last but not least, I got my Mollie Makes magazine! I've been subscribing to this inspiring publication since its debut issue earlier this year. You can't help but smile when you see all the wonderful projects in it.

I especially loved the cover of the last issue with the fun crocheted carrots and peas. Now if only I could crochet!


  1. Those are some adorable fabrics!
    I too, love the Mollie Makes magazine :)

  2. What fun mail you got! Let's I got an unwanted catalog, an insurance premium, and a dental win!

  3. What fabulous goodies you received in your mail - enought to brighten the most dismal day.

  4. That was a fun mail day! Those days are the best - especially on a dreary Monday!

  5. What fantastic and fun fabric!! A super way to brighten the day!!

  6. I have never heard of Molly Makes, I will have to look for it. Such fun fabrics!!!

  7. I will be looking for Molly Makes-looks very interesting. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas on your blog. Happy Week Kimber. hugs, Mary A.

  8. I love the kitty fabric, where is it from. I would love to have some.


  9. Love the fabrics, especially the owls and pink and brown print! Can you tell us the manufacturer?

    The magazine looks interesting. I've never heard of it.


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