Monday, October 17, 2011


Last week, I promised to show you some pics from my recent antiquing adventure in another post, so here it is. Our first stop was a delightful antiques fair filled with wonderful treasures—most at very reasonable prices.

In one of the booths, I spotted this antique doll bed tucked in a corner. It wasn't getting much attention from other passersby but I always seem to gravitate to these things! And the price was right at $26, so it did go home with me. Here, you see my cat Poe inspecting it. He, too, gravitates to these beds—once they are outfitted with a plush ticking mattress and little doll quilt, of course!

In another booth, I saw this cute vintage child's ironing board in a vibrant shade of green. Again, the price was good too pass up, so we added that to our pile.

Another fun find was this vintage wall spool rack. Yes, it was splattered with paint but because of that it was a steal. And isn't part of the fun of buying old things seeing their possibilities? With a fresh coat of paint, it will make a charming addition to the sewing room. The lower part is a pincushion.

My favorite find of the day was this vintage Mary Poppins book from 1952. I'm ashamed to admit that I do sometimes judge a book by its cover, especially when it is my favorite shade of pink! But really, it's also a lovely book inside, too. It's filled with wonderful illustrations.

And how could a wool fanatic like me pass up reasonably-priced wool like this—just $6 per half yard.

Anyone who knows me is aware of my love of sock monkeys, and one vendor had a terrific assortment of vintage ones. She had bought out a sock monkey collector's entire treasure trove of them.

Of course, there was plenty of other eye candy to admire at the show—like this vintage cupboard filled with blue-and-white antique china.

And this sweet child's-size grain-painted hutch...

The next day, we headed out to search for more treasures and happened upon a charming antiques mall housed in an old barn.

In my previous post, I mentioned finding an antique quilt. Tucked away in a corner underneath a table was this charming T quilt for $54. I was able to get another 10 percent off from the dealer, so I didn't think I could go too wrong for that price. I took it to my Prairie Women's Sewing Circle group this past Saturday and our group leader, who is also a quilt historian and appraiser, told me it is circa 1880. She also told me that the T stands for Temperance. I guess that is fitting since I've often been accused of being a teetotaler by my husband!

My other find from the mall was this sweet framed vintage illustration. I hope you can see the words. I tried to photograph it laying down but the glare was terrible, so I finally propped it against my kitchen canisters! Double click it for a closer view if you need to. I guess I was drawn to it because it reflects how my parents raised me. My mom, in particular, taught me the value of hard work and that anything worth having should be earned.

I thought this reproduction spoon rack was charming, but I don't have enough wooden spoons to do it justice!

Doesn't this cupboard look lovely dressed with pink china galore?

Although I'm not one to really cut up a vintage quilt unless it's already in an unsalvageable state, I thought this was a creative way to display an old quilt remnant.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour! It was so much fun searching for treasures before the long Iowa winter sets in.


  1. Yes, I did enjoy the tour! You made some great buys. I love doll beds, and haven't seen one like this. Super cute, and what a steal! Looks like it was a nice show; the displays are so charming.

  2. Thanks for sharing your day out. Looks like a lot of fun! Lucky finds!

  3. What fun! Love your finds and your buys. A friend made a quilt to put behind one of those antique windows and uses it as a headboard. It turned out really lovely.

  4. Treasures, indeed! Looks like a great day. I love the quilt and the Mary Poppins book too. That sock money is just too cute. You can't help but smile when you look at it.

  5. WOW, what a great time, and great finds!!

  6. Where ever do you find such great places to go treasure hunting! I love the doll bed. $26, why can't I find great deals like that... you must be getting there before me...I am happy for you...enjoy and I hope Poe enjoy's too.

  7. Thanks for that little excursion with you Kimber - and you found some wise words from the past plus some lovely things to grace your home!

  8. I can hardly wait to visit your neck of the woods and make my way to some of the antique shops you share with us. The T quilts was a steal!

  9. All those wonderful treasures and a quilt too. Is that barn covered in ivy?

  10. Loved the visual tour Kimber. Really interesting AND attractive pieces.

    I am right there with you concerning the wool and sock monkey....those are my true draws. I have a "Sock Monkey" that resides in my sewing room...he keeps the room cheerful with his fun smile.

    Thanks for sharing all.


  11. I think I need to make a trip to Iowa! You have some really great antique malls and shops. I would have a hard time passing up most of what you showed! So glad you got the doll bed and that lovely quilt! And that spool holder will be wonderful with a little paint!

  12. What wonderful treasures! thanks for sharing your purchases too, you got some good deals!!!

  13. Wow! You always find the best treasures. Love all of your finds!

  14. That quilt inspires me to make one just like it!

  15. Looks like wonderful treasure hunting. Thank you for taking us along!


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