Monday, October 24, 2011


With one of my favorite holidays approaching, I've been making Halloween cards to send to friends and family. There's nothing like a handmade hello to let someone know that they are special to you. In this age of email and Facebook, I might be old-fashioned but I still prefer writing letters to electronic forms of communication! I don't have a lot of extra time these days, so I stuck with something very simple for my cards.

I just gathered up whatever I have on hand, including my handy Fiskars paper trimmer and paper punches. I have long been a fan of their products because I've always gotten great results with everything from their pinking shears to their punches. I particularly love the design of their punches like the one in the upper right hand corner of this photo because it's very easy on my hands! I don't have a lot of hand strength and I've really struggled with some companies' punch designs but these are a breeze to use.

Fiskars' portable paper rotary trimmer works great for trimming cardstock. It's compact, so it's easy to store. I also like the fact that it has easy-to-see gridded lines that make it simple to measure my cardstock and make accurate cuts.

One thing I really like about this trimmer is that it has a clear smudge guard that lets you hold things in place without getting your messy fingerprints on the paper. I'm usually stamping at the same time I'm cutting, so I would get a lot of smudges on my paper without it!

My trimmer also has a swing-out arm that extends beyond the width of the trimmer to stabilize larger scrapbooking paper.

My first card was quick and easy with some patterned Halloween cardstock and a few quick paper punches.

To give my card a little pumpkin personality, I used Fiskars' adorable Happy Jacks border punch, which lets you easily create continuous borders. 

All you do is punch a section and then use the built-in visual guideline of pumpkins to line up your next punched section for a seamless line of happy pumpkins.

For the card's central medallion, I just used my circle punch to cut a green circle, stamped it with a Halloween greeting, framed it with a black punched circle and a patterned circle that I then scalloped-cut with my scalloped pinking shears (but you could also of course use the scalloped decorative paper scissors).

For my other card, I cut a piece of black cardstock on my trimmer, then switched the blade on it with a scalloped one to create the orange inner border. I can cut straight scalloped lines much faster with this handy set-up than I can with my scalloped pinking shears. However, I still had to use my shears for the curved cuts like the oval black frame shown here. 

Then I just marked a spooky design on an oval piece of green cardstock with one of my rubber stamps—a witch in flight with wisps of stars, pumpkins, and skulls in her wake. A strip of orange pom-pom trim adds a final flourish to the design. 

It all came together so quickly. For me, the key is keeping things simple so I can actually get all of my cards made!

If you haven't already, I hope you'll give holiday cardmaking a try. With the price of cards these days, it's an affordable alternative that also allows you to express your creativity. I realize there's an initial cost in buying the supplies but the punches will last forever and a little cardstock goes a long way! You can find Fiskars seasonal and everyday punches at Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts stores. Come back later this weekend to see a fun idea for a fall/Thanksgiving card project.


  1. Your Halloween cards look fabulous.

  2. I love those cards, and I like your style!!

  3. The lucky people on your list will love your cards. Very special.

  4. Very cute! Can't wait to see the fall stuff...

  5. What bewitching ideas for Halloween!

  6. Halloween is a favorite around my house as well. I will have to share your spooky cards with my daughter, who loves making her own cards.

  7. I'm old-school too in that I love to send and receive handwritten correspondences. I love your cards!

  8. Your cards are just too cute. I've tried to stay away from the scrapbooking stuff since I have too many other expensive hobbies already. My husband might leave me if I add another to the mix! (just kidding)


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