Tuesday, September 13, 2011


While we were in Madison for the Quilt Expo, we ventured on to Cedarburg (about 2 hours east) to visit one of my favorite quilt shops. Last year I had the good fortune to write an article for Quilt Sampler magazine on Ye Olde Schoolhouse, a Cedarburg, Wisconsin, shop that I first visited the year before. You can read more about that in an earlier post here. Shop owner Jeanie Rudich had generously gifted me a stay in a local historical B&B. First on my list of places to go was her wonderful shop, located in a former 1887 schoolhouse.

It was such a thrill to see Jeanie again. When I first met Jeanie two years ago, I was struck by her genuinely kind character and enthusiasm for what she does. She approaches her business from the perspective of a quilter rather than a business owner. In fact, Jeanie describes herself as a quilter who just happens to be a quilt shop owner.

Stepping inside Ye Olde Schoolhouse is like stepping back in time. Quilt-covered walls and antique cupboards filled with cloth treasure make you feel at home from the moment you enter. 

The shop's specialty is 1800s reproduction fabrics and it does it well. In a former life, the shop was once home to the local Masonic lodge. These pews once used for the Masons' meetings now host fabric bolts.

Jeanie has a knack for creative displays. I love how she rescued these vintage Jenny Lind bed frames and repurposed them into quilt hangers.

Jeanie collects vintage doll beds, which often find their way into displays. This recent acquisition looks cozy with a reproduction doll quilt. The shop offers several doll quilt patterns.

A vintage child's cupboard brims with fabric bundles and patterns.

If you visit, don't forget to look overhead, too. Jeanie takes advantage of every square inch when it comes to crafting charming displays.

The schoolhouse's original boys' restroom has been renovated into a colorful nook of 1930s reproduction fabrics. 

This entry room is packed with inspiration for the 1800s reproduction quilt lover. Jeanie had a beautiful sample of the award-winning Pennies from Heaven quilt made up. I bought the book last year, hoping to make my own.

I was also taken with this endearing spool quilt!

While we were in town, we also visited the newly opened Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts, located on a historic farmstead.

This beautiful Baltimore Album quilt was donated to the museum in 2010 and dates to circa 1850.

One of the exhibits featured the hand-painted designs of artist quilter Karel Hendee.

After a long day of activities, we headed back to our bed-and-breakfast, the Washington House Inn.

They had a delicious breakfast with homemade fare such as blueberry coffeecake, strawberry trifle, and this scrumptious egg strata. The cook was kind enough to share the recipe with me.

Thank you, Jeanie, for giving us the perfect excuse to visit Cedarburg again. We had a wonderful stay and can't wait to return again some day for another visit. And for those of you looking for a new quilt shop to visit, definitely put Ye Olde Schoolhouse on your list! It's worth the drive. And for those of you who are interested, come back again to see some of the antiques I saw during my trip.


  1. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you've been having all kinds of fun! Where did you go antiqueing? Hope to meet you at the AQS show!
    Brenda...the Farmer's Dotter

  2. What a fabulous quilt! I could just get lost in there and never come out again LOL!!!! Thankyou for sharing such wonderful photos!!!

  3. Jeanie's shop is so inspiring! I am drawn to the basket quilt.
    We are in a B&B in Telluride this week...so much fun. Can't wait to see what is for breakfast.
    Found some antique dolls in a shop in Ridgeway, but did not know if the prices were reasonable...could you give me info on how to value them...a reference perhaps. Thanks!

  4. I'm going to have to add this to my "must visit" list. What a great shop! I love the way she used cafe curtain rings to hang the little quilts. I'm going to have to try that myself.

  5. I was at the quilt show last Saturday, and plan to return. Thanks for all of the info about other things to see in the area.

  6. Thank you for the tour, what a marvelous quilt shop. I don't think I have seen a shop quite like that. Sew much to look at----inspiration everywhere.

  7. Wow, what a great shop! And that's one of my favorite Baltimore Quilts. I would love to have seen it in person, and taken close-up shots. It looks like you had a wonderful trip.

  8. Hello,
    I have just found your blog via Kathleen Tracy's small quilts Yahoo group. Thank you so much for posting these photos of what looks to be an incredible store. I am swooning with envy! I am now looking forward to reading back through your blog. Your papier mache dolls are beautiful.
    Hen x

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  10. I had to pin the spool quilt in Pintrest. It was very inspiring!


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