Wednesday, September 7, 2011


In my previous post, I talked about a special birthday outing I enjoyed with my friends, Merry and Belinda. While we were out and about, we also had the chance to visit some wonderful antiques shops—one of my favorite places to go! Belinda graciously offered to be our chauffeur as we went from shop to shop. This one was filled with eye candy, and all the treasures were displayed so nicely.

There were rustic cupboards brimming with pottery and yellowware...

There was even a kitchen area outfitted with a treasure trove of antique cookware. Baker extraordinaire Merry was right at home there.

Belinda, Merry, and I are all quilters. So when we came upon the quilt room, we were in heaven.

We had such fun looking through this cupboard of vintage sewing accessories—pincushions, tape measures, thread holders, buttons, and trims.

Next it was on to another antique shop, where we noticed this intriguing antique wooden doll. She reminded me of some of my vintage wooden peg dolls (see them in my blog sidebar).

At another stop, we enjoyed perusing a colorful wall of antique quilts in patterns of the past...

Known for its architectural salvage, the shop is truly a feast for the eyes. This amazing salvaged arch greets visitors as they walk in the door.

We were all drooling over this amazing multi-drawer cabinet and dreaming up ways we could fill all those compartments.  

Before we knew it, it was time to head back home. Time really flies when you're having fun! Hope you enjoyed this little photo gallery of our fun stops.


  1. Love all the displays-----it adds so much more to a shop when they take the time to display like items together. What a wonderful outing with friends. Did you buy anything? Your dolls are prettier.

  2. Oh to have been a mouse in your pocket! It looks like you all had a grand time exploring these shops. I love the quilt rooms. Simply yummy!

  3. Gosh Kimber it looks more like a museum than an antique shop and a fabulous one at that. Your friends certainly know what makes you tick.

  4. Your birthday must have been good - it had a part 2! I would love to come on over there and browse you neck of the wood!

  5. What great shops! I would love to see the vintage sewing accessories. Someday, I'll have to visit your region and you can give me directions to all the great places you visit!

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful birthday! What wonderful friends to go shop hopping with you. I see so many pretty items in the pictures from the antique store!

  7. Great photos! Happy Birthday, now just where were those shops?!!!

  8. What a fabulous girls' day out!! Wonderful eye candy, thanks for sharing such divine shops, wonderful!!!!


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