Friday, June 10, 2011


Sorry for being a bad blogger this week but I have a good excuse, and this little stone is to blame. I found out earlier this week I had a kidney stone. Thankfully it passed early this morning. It's hard to believe something so small can cause such extreme pain. As those who've had kidney stones can attest, even one the size of a grain of sand can create severe cramps once it leaves the kidney. Unfortunately, this is the third time I've gotten them. I plan to get this one analyzed by the doctors to determine what caused it so I can hopefully reduce my chances of getting another one!

Between bouts of pain, I was able to finish one of my Aunt Tilly's Tuffet pincushion orders. I thought I'd work on something simple like these because I really wasn't able to concentrate on work very well and was afraid I might write something nonsensical while on the Percocet pain reliever! These pincushions are named after my Great Aunt Tilly because her vintage pincushion was the inspiration for them. They're based on the basic tuffet design but paired with a fun little strawberry filled with emery.

I've been working on this particular order for the past couple months and have enjoyed pairing various colors to create different looks. Thanks to my sizable wool stash, I didn't even have to purchase any new material.