Sunday, April 24, 2011


I am constantly in search of vintage wooden spools. Among my many uses for these fun finds are my bird pincushions, which were featured in a quilt magazine a couple years ago. I designed them some years back and still make them for various quilt shops and boutiques.

I find a few spools here and there in my price range and once in a while, a kind soul gives me some. But I was truly speechless and overwhelmed with gratitude to receive this wondrous bag of spools from Cherie, a friend of my mom-in-law's! She was so very kind to give me this entire bag.

When I opened the bag, out poured dozens of spools in various shapes and sizes. There were nearly 100 of them! Just picture all the bird pincushions I can make with these! I now make two smaller versions that will be perfect for the smaller spools.

I'm so thrilled to have these so I can resume fulfilling shop orders for the bird pincushions. I had to postpone them because I didn't have enough spools. This extensive supply should help fulfill the majority of my orders. Thank you so much, CHERIE! You are so very sweet to share these with me. Rest assured they will be put to good use! Thank you, too, to my mom-in-law Carol, who also gave me some spools. What a treat!


  1. Love your birds and never knew there was such variety in the shape and size of wooden spools...

  2. What a great gift that is !!! But also a great idea to put a pincushion on top of a spool !!

  3. Oh, you are going to have fun with all these spools~~kind gifts~

  4. What a great gift! Those are awesome in that they come in so many different sizes.

    I love your bird pincushions and what a great idea!

  5. Your little pin cushions are adorable!

  6. What a fabulous assortment of shapes and sizes. You'll have a new flock in no time at all!

  7. Kimber~ What a great gift! I also was gifted a bag of spools. Check and see if there is a local yahoo group of FreeCycle . This yahoo list is for finding things as well as finding homes for thing you have and you don't want to discard. Maybe someday I too can make some pincushions with my spools~ I've been collecting wool from my local Salvation Army when I can pick it up. Thanks again for all the inspiration - and, now I know who to send my spools to if I ever decide/admit I won't get to them!

  8. I love your little bird pin cushions Kimber. They look so good in a group.

  9. I remember when your little bird was in AP&Q! I always meant to make myself one - can you tell me what issue it was in so I can track it down in my magazine stash?


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