Thursday, April 21, 2011


I started today feeling rather down as I looked out the window to gray skies and read in the newspaper that the high would only be 50 degrees. Plus, I've been nursing a bad cold while trying to meet a bazillion work deadlines. But I was looking forward to visiting my friend Merry in a nearby town and when we met for lunch, my spirits immediately lifted. After enjoying a leisurely lunch, we headed out to do some shopping at a nearby discount store. We both found a bunch of pretty things that we didn't really need. Shopping with Merry is fun because she encourages me to buy everything I like when I usually resist such temptations! My favorite find was this pair of pink plaid laceless tennis shoes. It can be hard to find decent shoes for my size 5½ -6 feet so I was just thrilled to see these.

Merry and I both go crazy over stationery. Am I one of the few people in this world who still enjoys writing letters? I try to write a letter every other week to my grandma. It doesn't always get done but usually it does.

And aren't these some of the prettiest post-it notes you've seen? Almost too pretty to use but I will put them to good use. If you're wondering why someone would get so excited about stationery and office supply products, keep in mind I am a magazine journalist by trade and use stuff like this everyday. I especially love it when companies beautify utilitarian objects like these.

Are you starting to detect a color theme here? Yes, my favorite palette of pink, green, and brown seems to follow me wherever I go!

I also found a photo album covered in an Amy Butler print, a fun laptop storage bag, and a whimsical pencil case.

This Amy Butler tote bag is generous in size and will be handy to transport my quilting projects when on the go. Before we knew it, it was time to call it a day and I headed back home. I had such a fun time that I nearly forgot about that bothersome cold. It's amazing how the color pink has a way of perking one up, and of course, friendship is a wonderful pick-me-up, too. Thank you, Merry, for such a fun day.

When I returned home, I found a package of fabric on my doorstep, including this fun print—just in time for the gardening season! What better way for a quilter to wrap up her day than with a new piece of fabric! To see some of my other recent fun finds, check out my previous post.


  1. Hope you get over that cold before it turns warmer! Days out with friends are always nice.

  2. Friends, lunch, shopping success, new fabric!?! Sounds like the perfect day. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day! Love those shoes!!

  4. All that darn cold of yours needed was a good dose of fun! I hope it worked. Love seeing your goodies. I'm a office supply junkie too!

  5. Lunching with a friend is great medicine - applied once a day will definitely keep the doctor away!

  6. I love stationery! Those post-its are lovely :)

  7. Your shoes are super cute. I am addicted to notepads, stationary, little notebooks and pens. It is very hard to pass up. Eric usually points out that I don't need anymore. That's why I like to leave him at home.

  8. Oh my goodness, I love those pink tennis shoes. Good find.
    I also like anything Amy Butler. The tote is so cool.
    I think it is marvelous that you write to your grandmother. Being a grandmother I know how special that would be.

  9. ok those sneakers are just adorable! (see in the northeast they are called sneakers, when we lived in Mi it was funny to hear everyone call them tennis shoes!)
    I love stationary too, notepads I am a sucker for those!!!!
    I still like writing cards and sending people hand written notes.
    Happy Easter


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