Monday, April 4, 2011


Signs of spring are slowing pop up around my house, including a few Easter decorations here and there. In early March I bring out my easter egg tree. I love the old-fashioned feather trees but I don't have the budget to buy the pricey antique ones. So several years ago I custom ordered this one made up in one of my favorite shades of green.

This little tree spotlights an assortment of handpainted real eggs, which I've collected over the years. Just look at the charming detail on this lady bunny.

This iris-adorned egg reminds me of the lovely flowering bulbs that brighten my early spring garden.

I have many a basket filled with handcrafted eggs, including this one with two handpainted wooden eggs and a handmade paper house. The delightful bunny in the foreground is entirely handmade with a charming ruff made of vintage crepe paper. 

It's amazing how artful ordinary objects like eggs can be when creativity takes flight. I belong to my local P.E.O. group and one of our members shared her collection of handmade egg creations with the group last year. A former art teacher, Betty M. always delights us with her many artistic talents. She hand-felted these eggs with wool roving and displays them so cleverly in these egg plates. She was kind enough to teach me her technique, so I'm making my own batch of felted eggs. The eggs pictured below are Betty's.

An avid gardener, Betty also loves to incorporate nature's offerings into her creations. She mixes up natural dyes from plants and edibles such as onion skins and larkspur blossoms to create these elegant eggs. Visiting Betty's house is a real treat. She has a greenhouse where she cultivates more than 70 varieties of scented geraniums year-round. The scent that greets you when you open the door is heavenly!

Betty crafted these eggs with intricate papercuttings.

I hope these eggstraordinary creations inspire you to think of eggs in a new way. Pardon the pun!


  1. You've inspired me to decorate for Easter. Your decorations are lovely. I especially like the felted eggs.

  2. I am very jealous of your tree!

  3. I've had a go at making a felted egg tho' less successfully than you. Good fun all that needling - can really vent any frustration! Love Betty's baskets of eggs too and your tree. I usually cut fresh twigs and display wooden ornaments for Easter.

  4. Where did you find the perfect mint green feather tree? Betty's creations are awesome!! Down right eggceptional!

  5. They are lovely and a perfect addition to spring decorating.

  6. I'm speechless.

    Truly a beautiful collection. Loved all the pics. Thanks for sharing.

  7. just beautiful, wow!
    those felted eggs are great, I LOVE the egg tree, so fun!
    thanks for sharing.


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