Sunday, March 20, 2011


Yesterday started out like any other Saturday. I wasn't planning to do much more than catch up on some writing assignments when I found out about a fun local quilting event. And with that, an ordinary day turned into a fun one. I didn't realize yesterday was National Quilting Day until that afternoon while attending a free local presentation by quilt designer and creator of the popular square-in-a-square technique Jodi Barrows. While introducing Jodi, our local shop owner mentioned that it was NQD and I thought how cool it was that quilting had somehow worked its way into my day!
          I've never met Jodi before and it was a real treat to hear her speak and to see her many beautiful quilts. She has been traveling the Midwest recently as part of her Pony Express Tour. If you haven't already heard of the quilt she designed to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Pony Express, here is a photo of one that our local shop made up. They're offering it as a block of the month.

Jodi spoke about the symbolism behind the quilt and the history of the Pony Express. As a history buff, I found the talk very interesting. I forgot to bring my camera along, so I have no photos of the event to share. After the talk, everyone shopped Jodi's many books, rulers, and fabric. In 2009, she designed a line of fabric called "Celebrating Abe" to commemorate the 200th birthday of Abe Lincoln. Its images were taken from Civil War-era photographs. I particularly liked this one.

Here are my other treasures from that day. Although I'd heard of the square-in-a-square technique a long time ago, I've never tried it. But Jodi's inspiring presentation motivated me to. Being a doll quilt lover, I particularly enjoyed all the smaller quilts that Jodi showed us during the presentation, so those are the ones I'll try first!

But my day of quilting celebration didn't stop there! I also had the chance to meet talented quilt designer Pam Buda, creator of the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle program. I participated in my local shop's program this year and we'll soon be starting the second journey. Pam stopped by the shop during her visit to this area to teach and lecture at a local quilt guild. Several of the women who participated in the program were there to greet her. It is always so fun to meet the people behind the quilt designs and Pam was no exception. She was so warm and friendly. I wish I'd brought my camera but alas, I forgot it then, too! What a fun day it turned out to be.