Monday, March 21, 2011


In an earlier post, I mentioned that I recently wrote some articles for Victoria magazine's special publication, Gardens of Bliss. It was such a thrill to work with the magazine, which should be out on newsstands tomorrow. I wrote the following sections: A Gardener's Palette, Solitude and Sanctuary, and Bountiful Bouquets. The magazine doesn't list bylines with the articles but you can find me listed in the masthead and credits section.

In addition to the sections that I wrote, you'll also find an article on roses, three showcase garden profiles, and wonderful recipes that use herbs and edible flowers. Think Lemon Mousse Cake and Lavender-Lemon Shortbread! Yum! 

To celebrate the debut of this beautiful magazine, I'm giving away a free copy. Just leave a comment telling me your favorite plant by midnight this Friday, March 25. I'll pick a name from the entries and announce the winner on Saturday evening.

Here are some of my favorite plants, pictured in my garden. These blue-flowering forget-me-nots extend a cheerful early spring welcome in my arbor garden. I also have pink-flowering ones.

By summer, the coleus take center stage. I love them for their fanciful foliage and showstopping colors. This one is peeking out from underneath a penstemon. You can see a hint of the golden moneywort (pictured under the coleus), which creates a chartreuse carpet under my Alberta spruce spiraling topiaries (not pictured).

I look forward to hearing about your favorite plants! And for those of you who regularly read Victoria magazine, check out my article in the upcoming May/June issue. It's not out on newsstands yet but I will share more details when I can. Until then, I wish you many happy garden dreams!


  1. So many favorites, Morning Glories.....yes....that is one of my favorites. (this is like trying to pick a favorite chocolate, or a favorite piece of fabric).....difficult...LOL

  2. I'd have to say lavender. The deer leave them alone, someself seed, they smell great and they are easy to take care of.

    The magazine looks fantastic! I do like a good garden magazine even if the deer don't let me plant most of the flowers.

  3. How exciting for you to have THREE articles in one magazine. I'm impressed and would love to be entered in your giveaway. My favorite indoor plant/flower is violets, hands down. I love their little faces. Outside I love pansies (love their little faces, too!) and I ADORE roses!

  4. The magazine looks wonderful, and I'm excited to read your articles.
    I know this is an old fashioned choice, but I just love Hydrangeas!

  5. I do love hydrangeas, but I really like orchids too. And let us not forget sunflowers or african violets. . . oh, there are so many really to love. It is hard to pick just one~

  6. I love daffodils and daisies and hydrangeas and.........

    Looking forward to reading your articles!

  7. Congratulations on the articles! I know we are both looking forward to spending time in our gardens this summer. A favorite?...I have so many...Bearded Iris, since they will be the first to flower this year in my garden.

  8. I just love foxgloves and I have found them under the snow...very green and getting big!! Seems like they've been busy making babies under there. How very naughty but delightful!!

  9. Congrats on all your articles! Right now I'm lovin the mini daffodils! They are so sweet!

  10. Congratulations on your articles. What a joy that is for you. I love clematis. I have 4 and putting in 2 more this spring. And my hydranga's. And my.... Well you get the idea, lol... Thankyou for entering me in your give a way.

  11. The magazine looks wonderful, congratulations are in order.
    How do I choose my favorite? I love lavender, so easy care and I could just keep my nose in it forever. Yeah I lavender it is!

  12. peonies, peonies, peonies! they are heavenly :))

    have recently discovered Victoria and just love this magazine,

    Sharon in Sydney (Australia)

  13. How very wonderful for you to have 3 articles in this beautiful magazine!! Congratulations are certainly in order!!
    As to my favorite...hmmmmm, well, I think I would have to say red tulips...they make me smile!!!


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