Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This past Saturday I had a fun day out with my friend Anne. She is expecting a baby in May and I am making her a baby blanket and a little bunny poppet. I wanted her to pick out the flannel for the blanket, so we headed to a quilt shop in a nearby town. We came across the cutest puppy fabric and Anne knew it was the one.

I must admit I was delighted she chose it because these are some of my favorite colors. I even bought some extra fabric to have on hand for other blankets. I think the dachshunds could go well for kids and adults alike.

This a gift I made for my other friend Sam's little girl, Claire. The stitching on the bunny poppet was a little more primitive than what I normally do but that's what the pattern called for.

While we were at the fabric store, I had to check out the books. I couldn't resist this one on Cath Kidston designs. I love practically anything Cath Kidston.

I haven't been getting in my sewing room much but I can dream about future projects I'd love to make from this book, like these padded hangers:

Or this lovely jewelry roll...The only problem is I don't have much jewelry so I'd have to find some other use for it.

And for those of you wondering what was in those green Valentine packages from my husband on my previous post, here they are. I was delighted to get this seed sprouter starter kit. My friend Merry got one of these a couple months ago and I immediately wanted to get one but was too cheap. I really do like alfalfa sprouts on my sandwiches! I was amazed my hubby actually remembered what I'd said! He usually doesn't have the best memory.  

And here's the rest of what was in that box—a bunny with the cutest crocheted pink and cream slippers (made in Denmark of all places), a vintage tablecloth and napkins, and a tiny original oil painting on a wood block with a tea theme. I think my husband must actually listen when I visit shops and remark about something I like because these seemed familiar. I don't like to buy things like this too much because they just seem frivolous but I must admit, they sure do make great gifts!


  1. Oooh lots of lovely things to look at here today:)

    I LOVE that fabric too. That is perfect for a baby blanket. Those colors are so nice together. Who makes that fabric?

    I love sprouting my own seeds too. Sprouts are actually more nutritious for us than the full grown veggie:) The Sproutman is a good source.

    Are your dolls in your sidebar those that you make? They are wonderful! I love them.

    Have a great evening!

  2. You were very spoilt! My husband and I don't really celebrate Valentines day. I love that dog fabric. It's so cute!

  3. I love the vintage table cloth and napkins. What a wonderful post.

  4. I think your hubbie knows you well and listens more than you think. Mine fell back on the old mindless flowers and chocolates (and a little bling, so I am just kidding!) The dog fabric is adorable and the bunny poppet looks so loveable. Great projects when you get some time!

  5. The Gift of the kitten with bedding is adorable for Claire. Any little girl would Love it.
    Such a delightful pattern book...
    AND All the wonderful gifts from your husband.
    They do really love to spoil, don't they?

    My Best

  6. Goodies! The bunny is so cute!
    Pretty~ pretty napkins & tablecloth!

  7. Love that vintage look! What a lucky girl you are - does your husband actually enjoy shopping?

  8. the baby blanket is vibrant and eye catching and the bunny poppet makes me feel nostalgic. padded hangers are a must for every home and how romantic your st valentine's day and sprouting surprise - great post!

  9. What a lovely fabric and that bunnie is so cute !

  10. I can see why she chose this fabric! It is great! Wouldn't be able to resist it myself ;-)

  11. So much to comment on here: First, I love that fabric AND the poppet. Too cute! Cath Kidston: Love any and everything Kidston. Just got back from my local Barnes and Noble where they have floral Cath Kidston mugs for just $7.99. And finally, what great gifts from your husband. Love them all! The tiny little painting is my favorite -- so very special!

  12. What lovely finds. And what a Hubby!!! He knows his wife, lol...


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