Thursday, December 2, 2010


Well, the Mediacom repairman has come and gone and I again have internet service! However, I can't say how long it will last as the last time he came out our service only lasted 30 minutes before it was down for another 5 days! But I'll take advantage of this time to post about one of my favorite dolls. As a dollmaker, I get a lot of inspiration from my antique dolls. Lucinda is one of them. This diminutive lady is just 6 inches tall and came to live with me a few years ago.

She arrived dressed in this delicate navy dress and lacy apron. Accompanying her was this little trousseau of outfits in a small paper trunk. In the trunk was a smaller paper trunk containing yet more endearing delights, including Lucinda's very own Frozen Charlotte doll (Look closely and you'll see the little charlotte on Lucinda's lap!). Lucinda dates to the late 1800s, so she fits right in with our 1885 Victorian home. I love to think of how she was probably once cherished by some little girl.

The little girl who originally owned Lucinda must have loved to dress her up for she even came with her own fancy little petticoats. They both appear to be in very good condition.

Perhaps someday Lucinda will be able to move into this dollhouse that my husband made for me. It hasn't yet been painted or furnished but someday it would make a wonderful home for her. It took my husband 5 months to complete it in his spare time. 

On another note, I wanted to post an update on that old red and green quilt that I blogged about back in September. I had sent out a call for help in trying to date it. I recently had a quilt historian look at it and she told me that it is circa 1870. I guess the dealer who told me it was from the 1930s was mistaken as the quilt expert said the greens in this quilt weren't at all similar to 1930s greens. Either way, the quilt is a gem to me and I knew I couldn't go too wrong getting it for $15. 


  1. So glad you internet is back up and running. And I'd say you are quite the lucky lady getting such a beautiful quilt for a mere $15!

  2. Oh, my goodness your post just got better, and better the more I read!

  3. Lucinda is quite a treasure! And what a deal on the quilt!! Red and green quilts are all the rage!

  4. Cute doll. I'm looking forward to seeing the doll's house all painted. The quilt is just lovely. I'd love to own one like that.

  5. Nice deal on the beautiful quilt. It really did look older than the 30's.
    Lucinda and her trouseau are gorgeous! What workmanship went into her little outfits!!

  6. oh boy what a deal you got, I just love that antique quilt. Ah red and green my favorite. I hope you will consider reproducing it and making a pattern from it, let me know!
    Lucinda is just beautiful, wow did she come with the chest too?
    would love to see the antique box, I love those!
    The doll house is just amazing. what a talented DH to be able to build that boy am I impressed.

  7. Why would anyone sell that quilt? and for only $15! It is lovely. I also love the dollhouse your husband built. I hope you will post about the painting and decorating of it. Lucinda will be very happy there, I'm sure.

  8. What a lovely little doll. Thank you for sharing her.

  9. What a find!! Congratulation, it's a thrill.

  10. You lucky, lucky girl! Lucinda is wonderful, and that frozen Charlotte is awesome! I know what you are going through with internet. I finally found time to sit down last night to catch up on email, and Comcast went down about 10 minutes later. It even made the news! We are so dependant on technology nowdays.

  11. I love Lucinda - she's beautiful and you are so lucky to have her!


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