Thursday, December 9, 2010


As the cold, blustery days of winter rapidly approach here in the Midwest, I try to find ways to make my home feel cozier. Old Victorian homes like the one I live in are notorious for being drafty in the winter months, but luckily our home had been outfitted with all new thermopane windows when we moved in six years ago. That was a good thing because all the windows are more than 6 feet tall!

To glean ideas for decorating our Victorian home, my husband and I enjoy visiting historic homes when we travel. I'm always looking for ways to dress up the many tables in our home. I think the reason I like tables is because they offer a place to display my many collectibles and trinkets. I loved the way this table in one of the Victorian homes we visited a few years ago was decorated. I have a weakness for lamps and it's getting increasingly difficult to find room for them in my house!

I inherited this old lamp from my great grandmother. Its glass globe was missing, so my husband and I had to search for a fitting replacement. The cranberry-tinged top of this new-but-looks-old glass globe complements the nearby cranberry hobnail glass pieces.

A soft penny rug is the perfect way to perk up a tabletop. This is one of the first penny rugs I made. It predates my love affair with wool as only the black background is wool. I used wool felt for the rest of the pieces. This project was a great way to practice my blanket-stitching and French knot skills.

As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I've long admired antique doll beds. I saw this delightful little bed at Living History Farms in Urbandale, Iowa. I was intrigued by its ornate headboard, elongated shape, and of course, the little quilt that adorned it.

Several years ago, I found this small Victorian-era bed at a local tag sale. The price was right, so I snagged it, brought it home, and placed it at the base of our four-poster bed—just like the one I'd seen at Living History Farms. To make my little bed cozy, I dressed it in one of the doll quilts I made and some members of my teddy bear and bunny collection. 

It's amazing what inspiration those old homes hold. Even one small idea can spark a fun decorating possibility for your home!


  1. Oh, So many Beauty's!
    The doll beds are just wonderful finds! So rare!
    Your lamp from your Great Grandmother, so very pretty, what a lovely treasure!
    Keep warm!
    thanks for sharing

  2. I agree it's wonderful to get inspiration from visiting old homes- Love that doll quilt on the bed and your teddies and bunny's look very happy in that crib and do I spy a little basket quilt.

  3. The penny rug is stunning and the perfect colors to accent the antique glass ware and lamp. I am very fond of the victorian bed. It looks like a crib. I have two Victorian pieces in my southwest home--a green velvet carved chair and a hall tree stand. I will send you pics.

  4. You have done a wonderful job of making a lovely cozy Victorian home!!

  5. Your wool mat you made is wonderful! Very pretty indeed. Those doll beds though are to die for! Oh would I love to have one of those!

  6. I was going to say "those doll beds are to die for" but I see someone already said that. :)


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