Friday, October 15, 2010


My husband and I recently spent a long weekend in the Twin Cities. This is the first of two posts on our stay. One day while exploring the city, we literally happened upon a small antiques fair—and what a pleasant surprise it was! There were several old quilts sprinkled among the mix of fun finds. I love searching for antiques and when antique quilts are involved, it's even more enjoyable. This is the first booth we came upon. The quilt in the background had seen better days but it still made a striking statement in greens, pinks, and browns—one of my favorite color combinations.

In the same booth, I spotted this beautiful 19th-century green patchwork quilt. I loved the combination of the green with the pinks, browns, and creams. After revisiting it a second time, I decided to purchase it. Although the quilt is quite humble in its design, it really inspired me and I'm already at work reproducing it and making a doll quilt-sized version, too. I plan to eventually offer some of my vintage-inspired quilt patterns (including this one) for sale on my blog.

This old quilt (it was actually tied rather than quilted) lent an inviting backdrop for an enchanting vignette of antique furnishings and accessories. All the booths were so well staged, which made exploring them even more enjoyable.

I was taken with this little quilt's yellow and brown color scheme. I haven't seen many quilts in this color palette but I think I will have to try making one!

This red and white Drunkard's Path quilt made a cheerful table centerpiece in this cool booth. I love those old metal picnic baskets, and isn't the multi-drawer cabinet in the background the neatest piece? If we'd brought our truck, I might have been tempted to take it home with me.

Besides quilts, there were lots of other interesting items to see. This handcrafted doll swing caught my eye. I thought the little doll in it was cute, too!

Does anyone else just love these wonderful old springerle cookie molds? I've had a love affair with these since childhood when my grandma would make fragrant anise cookies with these beautiful molds. I pick them up here and there and display them in a mustard-colored basket in my buttercream-hued kitchen. 

I purchased this primitive button-sorting box because I thought it would make a great organizer for some of my vintage pearl buttons. I've been collecting them for about 10 years now and enjoy presenting a program on the history of pearl buttons to interested local groups.

I seem to have a fascination for multi-compartment pieces. Maybe it's the collector in me who would love to fill every single one of those drawers with my trinkets and treasures!

This miniature primitive-style dresser came home with me. It's not old but I loved its fanciful silhouette. I have several doll beds on which I display the doll quilts I've made and thought it might make a nice companion piece for one of them.

I liked the crisp contrasts of the white and black pieces in this booth. I collect white ironstone pitchers but felt I'd already purchased too much by the time I saw them, so I resisted the temptation to buy anything else!

While I didn't get this next find at the antiques fair, I thought it was worth a quick mention for all you fellow stitchers and quilters. I found these cute owl embroidery scissors during our visit to the Twin Cities. Being an owl lover, I couldn't resist them. If you read my previous post, you probably detected my enthusiasm for owls! Read that post for details about an owl pincushion that I recently designed for Fons and Porters' Love of Quilting magazine and a related upcoming giveaway. 

I hope you've enjoyed this recap of our impromptu antiquing adventure. Be sure to come back next week for the second post about our weekend in the Twin Cities.