Thursday, October 7, 2010


Yesterday the hubby took the day off to take me to the big AQS (American Quilter’s Society) Quilt Show here in Des Moines. We arrived just as the doors were opening. As usual, there were some wonderful quilts on display. I tend to gravitate toward the ones that evoke the spirit of yesteryear, although I appreciate other styles of quilting, too. I actually have the kit for this beautiful quilt (the pattern is called "Waste Not, Want Not"). I've been working on it in between other projects for the past few years.

My friend Marge Pearson made this lovely medallion quilt. When I asked her about what inspired it, she said she was just in a "medallion mode" last year. 

I have a weakness for pink 1800s reproduction fabric, so this quilt definitely struck a chord. I loved the scrappy stars.

This striking lone star quilt was entitled "Critters in the Stars". The green, red, and yellow are such a classic color combination.

Being a Jo Morton fan, I immediately recognized this quilt's pattern—"Peppermint Twist". 

This showy quilt with an eye-catching decorative ribbon edge captured third place: 

The show also featured several miniature quilts, including these tiny treasures. Keep in mind they are teeny tiny! The workmanship was exquisite.

This contemporary quilt caught my eye as I walked the aisles of quilts. How creative of the quiltmaker to fashion the flowers from multi-colored pieced strips! 

There was plenty of activity over in the vendor area, where I saw some of my favorite designers. Tara Darr of Sew Unique Creations always has a beautifully assembled booth. Her timeless designs speak to my love of antique quilts and doll quilts. I'm working with Tara on a fun project that I will share more about early next year.

I have several of designer Lori Smith's patterns (From My Heart to Your Hands). I'm always amazed by how many patterns she is able to design each year. Her booth was literally brimming with inspiration.

Halloween was in the air at the Buttermilk Basin booth. Designer Stacy West is amazingly creative and her booth definitely got me in the holiday spirit with lots of fanciful projects. 

Among my favorite patterns in her booth were these little Halloween ornaments hanging from a spooky black tree. 

Throughout the vendor area, there was an abundance of beautifully packaged 1800s reproduction fabrics to tempt the pocketbook! Wish these could have all gone home with me!

And of course, there were entrancing quilt samples like this little "Shiloh" quilt, which finishes 34" x 44". It looked so festive made up in red and green reproduction prints that I just had to buy the pattern. I actually already had those very same fabrics in my stash, so now I will know what to do with them!

The Primitive Gatherings booth is always a treat to walk through. I was spellbound by this endearing quilt with wool appliqué designed by Lisa Bongean and inspired by a Florence Peto quilt. She even had it kitted up with all the wool and cotton fabric. As you might imagine, a kit went home with me!

The Piece Keepers booth was another favorite of mine. They had gorgeous fabrics and displayed them so beautifully. The owner has a love of blended quilts and you'll find lots of fabrics geared for those type of quilts in their shop in Yukon, Oklahoma. If you can't get there in person, check out their website.

There were a few booths with some antique quilted treasures—most out of my budget—but what a treat to see them.

As you can see from these photos, it was a perfect day. What more could a quilter ask for than a day filled with fun, fabric, and inspiration?!


  1. Oh, what an early morning treat this has been. I love all the vendors, but it is the quilts I enjoyed the most. Thank you for sharing! I want to make the PG kit also. I plan to go to the Road to California show in Jan. and hope all the same vendors are there!

  2. You have definetly captured the spirit of what I like at a quilt show! I was trying to pick a favorite from the ones you've shown but I like them all too much!!

  3. Thanks for taking me on a tour! It looked like there was so much to see and appreciate! The talent is awesome! Hope to get to this quilt show one day!

  4. Oh I enjoyed my trip to the quilt show- I especially like the Marge Pearson's medallion quilt. I have that lovely dutch tree of life panel. It is gorgeous.

  5. I'm lucky to view such a great show from the comfort of my easy chair.

  6. What a wonderful day you had! There was a bus trip from here, but I didn't find our about it in time. I can see it was my loss! Thanks for the pictures.

  7. Beautiful quilts! And the vendor booths must have been wonderful.

  8. This was an awesome post! I found you by following Tara Darr on Facebook! Wonderful!!

  9. Looks awesome Kimber. Can't wait to see your 'Peto' quilt made up.

  10. Hey Girl!

    My buddy Tara shared this with me! Thanks so much for stopping by! It was a pleasure visiting with you! Your blog is great! Swing by if you come to the show again! Have a great day- gotta run and get my groove on for the show!! :). Stacy- BB

  11. Thanks to Tara Darr, I found your blog. What a wonderful tour of the quilt show, and so many great vendors. What a treat!

  12. Wonderful quilts on show, loved them all,


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