Friday, September 10, 2010


As summer days fade to autumn ones, I like to reflect on the past year's garden and some of its blooming beauties. In early spring, we were greeted by these soft-hued iris--passalong plants I received from a friend.

I've always enjoyed roses but with our colder climate here in Iowa, we have to be careful about which ones we grow. I usually stick with the David Austen English ones, Knockouts, and the Canadian Explorer series. So far I've had good luck because we have very good soil in this particular location, unlike the heavy clay like soil that plagued our garden when we lived in Des Moines. 

Summer blooms brightly thanks to perennial favorites like this dianthus and these Asiatic 'Lollipop' lilies. Do you notice a color theme here? Yes, I do love pink!

I can't get enough of summer-flowering bulbs like dahlias and gladiolus. I found these glads from Old House Gardens several years ago:

There's not a lot in bloom right now but one of my favorite late summer-autumn bloomers is this Japanese anemone. It doesn't like to be transplanted once it's established, so I've left it where it is. This year it rewarded me with some baby plants, which I will transplant next spring.

With autumn just around the corner, I become more and more thankful for my indoor garden, which consists mainly of African violets, rex begonias, and a couple moth orchids. 

I'll blog more about these fun houseplants in future posts. Hope you enjoyed this snapshot of my outdoor and indoor gardens.


  1. OK, it is a garden off! When I return to CO in early Oct., I will try my best to outdo you. Beware! Just a side note--we had a hail storm in early August that destroyed my garden, according to my daughter. So you may win this one. But look out next year!

  2. wow your Violets are truly beautiful! :-) All your flowers all!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. It's great to see here. xo


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