Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It's been a busy week writing magazine articles, so I haven't had much of a chance to get out and garden. While leaving the house to run errands this morning, I spotted this happy sight—volunteer seedlings from my red-veined sorrel. It's always a delight to find these unexpected garden gifts.

With showy foliage like this, who cares about blooms? Naturally adapted to dappled light under shade trees and woodland groves, this fun perennial loves moisture. In fact, it's an ideal plant for pondside landscapes and water gardens. Most of my garden is fairly sunny but I have just the right spot in one small corner where the soil stays fairly moist. It's what I call my moss patch, where I also grow moss harvested from my husband's family farm (I even named it "Ridge View moss" after the family farm!).

Red-veined sorrel (also known as Red Dock) eventually forms an upright leafy clump about 15 inches tall and wide. Its striking deep red veins make it a colorful addition to the garden.

I am always happy to share my garden's bounty. If you happen to live near the Des Moines area and want to try some, I would be glad to share. Just contact me at my email button.


  1. Again, you make me pine for my garden. I wonder how it has faired. The red in the veins of the sorrel are striking. No shade around here, or I would take you up on your offer.

  2. What a lovely "volunteer" gift! And thank you for telling more about this plant. I'm such a newbie to gardening, I love every scrap of info I can get. (And now I'll let you get back to those magazine articles, since I'm supposed to be working on some myself, ha!)


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