Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hello and welcome to my blog! I am a magazine writer and quilt book editor by day and an avid quilter, dollmaker, and crafter by night. I decided to name this blog after the 1885 Victorian that my husband and I purchased six years ago because it inspires so many of my creations. I hope this blog will be a place where I can share some of my everyday activities--whether it’s writing an article, making a doll, renovating a room, or visiting a flea market. 

Although our old home needed a lot of TLC when we first saw it (and still does!), something about it spoke to us. Perhaps it was the porch that beckoned us with pleasant images of lazy afternoons spent sipping lemonade?

Oddly enough, our house has two front doors. Because this door is right off the driveway, it is the one we use most often. Originally, the other front door, which opens into a foyer, was the main entrance.

Inside my home you'll find many works in progress! My favorite things to make are dolls, doll quilts, and pincushions. I love working with wool and designed these wool tuffet and strawberry pincushions, which were inspired by some of my Great Aunt Tilly’s pincushions. In my spare time, I make them for quilt shops and online boutiques.

I love old dolls but they don't always fit my budget. That’s what prompted me to start making my own. Mine are not refined; they have more of a folk art feel. I hand sculpt the busts, arms, and legs from papier mache, then hand paint them, and sew their attire. Eliza (below) is a papier mache doll I recently made for a quilt shop.

I love making my own doll quilts with 1800s reproduction fabric. One of my favorite color combos is pink and brown--as seen in this little album cross doll quilt that I made. 

Nothing adds comfort to a home like an old quilt and a cat. This is my dear black cat, Poe (named after Edgar Allen Poe) napping on one of my antique quilts. Doesn't he look comfy?

Thanks for visiting and hope you'll stop by again later this week when I'll be back with a new post.