Tuesday, August 17, 2010


In an earlier post, I mentioned that I was an editor for Kansas City Star Quilt books. It’s a fun job working with talented quilt designers and helping them navigate the journey of book production from conception to completion. As a quilter myself, I can appreciate all the work that goes into each and every project!

My most recent published project is Like Mother, Like Daughter: Two Generations of Quilts by Karen Witt and Erin Witt, the creative duo behind Reproduction Quilts.  Many of us who love 1800s reproduction fabrics are well familiar with their exquisite quilt patterns inspired by antique quilts. They also sell 1800s reproduction fabric, quilt notions, and kits for some of their projects.

For the book, Karen and Erin each designed their own quilt based on five different themes—pieced basket quilts, quilts from one block design, quick quilts with a twist, appliqué quilts, and multi-sided designs such as hexagons and snowball blocks. The result is a celebration of the traditional quilts that Karen loves and the simple yet sophisticated contemporary designs that Erin enjoys. 

Here's a peek at some projects from the book. To see the rest of them, I hope you'll check out your local quilt shop and buy the book!

Inspired by her love of early 1800s medallion-style quilts, Karen's Barrington Medallion quilt uses eye-catching borders to frame a central block of appliqué. Don’t be intimidated by its outer stair-step border. Karen shares a simplified approach using machine appliqué to create it.

Erin’s festive Home for the Holidays quilt conveys her fresh approach to the craft. Instead of opting for a traditional basket block, she put a fresh twist on the design by omitting the basket handles.

The book also includes a fun bonus section on how to document your quilts with labels. Karen and Erin both share their creative tips using everything from historically-recreated signature stamps to digital photographs.

For more information on the book or to purchase it, go to this page. Or check out your local quilt shop. The book is currently in shops across the country.

I'll be back later this month with another book project that will soon be coming to a quilt shop near you!